Inspection Rewinding Machine for Inkjet and Batch Printing

Inspection Rewinding Machines is used majorly for checking of badly printed materials on Roto Gravure Printing, Flexo Printing Machine, Batch Printing on Doctoring Rewinding Machine, etc. We have Following Types of Inspection Machines: Inspection Machine, Label Inspection Machine, Fabric Inspection Machine, Woven Fabric Inspection Machine.


Inspection Rewinding Machines

Technical Specification of Machine:
Web width 400 to 5000 mm
Maximum Weight of Unwind 100 Kg to 1000 Kg (Different Models for different Weight)
Max Parent Reel dia 600 mm to 1000 mm
Max. Rewind reel dia 600 mm to 1000 mm
Rewind Core Dia 76 mm
Max. Designed Speed 100 to 150 Mtrs./min

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